Squid Game Challenge 3D Survival Master

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Up to 456 players Welcome to Squid Game. Welcome to a fair game of Red lights, green lights. Whoever wins this game will win a lot of cash prizes. You soon realize playing the Squid Challenge is the only chance to survive and win the money, Press and hold the screen movement or click the screen movement, the operation is simple, you need to explore. Brand-new level elements, brand-new props content, The first game in Squid Game isn’t Red Light, Green Light, but rather Ddakji, a Korean game similar to Pog. Instead, the set design for the glass bridge marks a turning point in the series when it’s revealed that wealthy patrons gather to watch contestants play the Squid Game for their enjoyment. Squid Game challenging Race * join the epic game! * be fast and sneaky! * run for your life! * red light - freeze! * survive! * Red Light, Green Light * Sugar Honeycombs * The Squid Game